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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Aude, near the historic Carcassonne, our Tech Hub isn't just another co-working space. It's a revolution. Blending state-of-the-art facilities with the serene beauty of the South of France, we're curating an environment where innovation flourishes and boundaries are redefined. Dive into our journey, insights, and the stories that shape our unique hub, right here on our blog. Be part of the future with us.

Professional Synopsis for The Tech Hub

Business Overview The Tech Hub aims to be the premier co-working and creative space for influencers, online entrepreneurs, and marketers in the Aude region near Carcassonne, France. With facilities open 24/7 and designed to foster innovation and collaboration, The Tech Hub will offer 100 individual workspaces, high-speed internet, specialized creative studios, a full café, and recreational amenities.

Services Offered

  • Workspaces: High-speed internet-equipped desks available by the hour.

  • Creative Studios: Facilities for video creation, gaming, animation, and more.

  • Café and Natural Foods: A full-service café offering healthy, natural meals and beverages.

  • Recreational Facilities: Outdoor spaces, exercise rooms, and bikes.

Market Opportunity Digital workspaces are in high demand, and The Tech Hub’s unique offering positions it to attract top talent and ambitious professionals from around the globe.

Goals To establish a leading international hub for digital professionals and to foster a community of innovative creators and tech entrepreneurs.

Location South of France, in the Aude region, near Carcassonne, working in collaboration with Aude Alliance.

Proforma Financial Statement

This is a simplified proforma to give an idea of potential revenues and costs. The real financials should be developed with the help of a financial advisor or accountant to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Proforma for Year One

DescriptionAmount (€)RevenuesWorkspace Rental (Daily)€48,000 x 365 daysCafé SalesEstimatedFacility RentalsEstimatedConsulting ServicesEstimatedTotal RevenuesSum of the aboveOperating ExpensesRent & UtilitiesEstimatedStaff SalariesEstimatedMaintenance & UpkeepEstimatedMarketing & PromotionEstimatedLegal & AdministrativeEstimatedTotal Operating ExpensesSum of the aboveNet Operating IncomeTotal Revenues - Total Operating Expenses


  • Workspace Rental Revenue is calculated as 100 spaces x 20€/hour x 24 hours/day x 365 days/year.

  • Café sales, facility rentals, and consulting services are placeholders and need specific estimates based on market analysis and business strategy.


  • Full occupancy and continuous operation at listed capacity and pricing.

  • Operating expenses will need detailed estimates based on the local cost structure, staff needs, and operational scope.

Conclusion This proforma and synopsis provide a foundational financial and business overview. Detailed financial planning and analysis are necessary to adjust for actual market conditions, investment requirements, and operational strategies.

Join the Visionaries at The Tech Hub

Invest in the Future of Digital Workspaces

We are excited to announce a unique investment opportunity at The Tech Hub, located in the serene Aude region, near Carcassonne, France. We are creating an innovative space designed to house and inspire 100 influencers, online entrepreneurs, and marketers at any given time. Our facility boasts high-speed internet, breakout rooms, a full-service cafe with natural offerings, and specialized facilities for content creation including gaming stations, video production sites, and more.

Why Invest?

  • Location: Nestled in the South of France, combining work with a high-quality lifestyle.

  • Diverse Offerings: From tech innovators to content creators, our services cater to a broad digital market.

  • Comprehensive Facilities: Spaces for gaming, video production, fitness, and more ensure appeal to a dynamic demographic.

Investor Event Details: Join us for an exclusive gathering of visionary leaders in AI and tech investment at the prestigious Carlton in Cannes, France. This event will provide in-depth insights into our project, detailed financial forecasts, and networking opportunities with fellow visionaries in the tech space.

  • Date: [Insert Date]

  • Location: Carlton Hotel, Cannes, France

  • Capacity: Limited to 50 visionary investors

Reserve Your Spot: To express your interest and secure a seat at this pivotal meeting, please [Register Here] or contact us directly +33 06 37 22 65 35 ask for Joseph Fansler.

Invest in Innovation. Invest in the Future. Join The Tech Hub

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